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Elevating Knitwear Patterns 

Knitting Patterns for your self expression.

Learn a new skill and bring your creativity to life. 

Knitting creates more inner calm with meditation-like activity!

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Knitting Patterns that encourage self expression.
When a person knits, love goes into every stitch.  
  1. Knit Techniques
    I will be sharing knit techniques and instructions here and YouTube. This will take some time since I design knitting patterns & knit samples myself. A good knitting reference book; The Knitter's Book of Knowledge by Debbie Bliss.
  2. Knitting Patterns
    My knitting patterns are Tech Edited and Test Knit to assure you good quality. The patterns are available on Ravelry in Dianne Dallmeyer's Ravelry Store. SandAndPurls Design
  3. Knitting Experience [Knitting since I was 10 years old]
    Hats Mittens & Gloves Scarfs & Cowls Shawls Sweaters Throws Baskets & Bowls
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Knitting Patterns: Dianne Dallmeyer's Ravelry Store